Kamala Harris Space Video Viral On Social Media Watch Online!

A video is circulating on all the internet with maximum shares this week where the report is stated that a child actor performed in the first video of a YouTube series which is with Vice President Kamala Harris named “Get Curious with Vice President Harris.” The Kamala Harris Space Video of the series was released in the last week in which it is stated that Harris discussing to a crowd of children and she discussed the topic regarding her love of science, enthusiasm over staying capable to view moon holes within binoculars and the value of ought big ideas. It was built by Toronto-based Sinking Ship Entertainment, and the event that a Canadian firm was prepared for the video didn’t leave critics thoughts. She was generally mocked for her mannerisms throughout the video, which showed her acting overly animated with wide-eyed enthusiasm as she talked with the children.

Kamala Harris Space Video Viral On Social Media Watch Online

After the release of the video, it was reported that the kids auditioned for the series at one child actor stated a local news associate presented a speech and was questioned for his performance. A White House executive stated that Fox News on the morning of Tuesday that Harris’ job did not choose the kids who performed in the video. After releasing the video, the critics once again brought to social media to mock Harris above the video, with amazing matching it to the hit HBO program “Veep,” which represents an inadequate vice president and her hapless executive organisation.

After the criticism about the video that a statement comes that, “Stop it. I just heard the children in the cringe-worthy video with Kamala Harris were child actors. Everything in the Biden admin is fake,” wrote once critic, while another suggested Harris was “faker than Hillary Clinton.” This is not the one statement stated by anyone because of the several comments which are stated by many of the users on the social media handles. 

On more critic wrote about the video that “Wow! Our [vice president] does not know how to talk to real children, this is actually sad,”  and on the other hand, the other one stated that the fact the children were actors explained why they performed better than the actual star of the video. This is all about the Kamala Harris Space Video which is going viral on the internet and collects maximum opinion from the critics and viewers. Stay tuned with us.

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