Kannada Actor Nagabhushana Rams Car Into Couple in Bengaluru, Woman Dies

Kannada actor Nagabhushana rams car into couple in Bengaluru, woman dies. On Saturday night in Bengaluru, Kannada actor Nagabhushana collided with an elderly couple as they were walking on a footpath. Unfortunately, the woman passed away due to her injuries, while her husband is currently receiving treatment at a hospital. In Bengaluru on Saturday, it is alleged that Kannada actor Nagabhushana was involved in a car accident with a couple. Tragically, the woman lost her life, and the man remains under medical care for his injuries.

Kannada Actor Nagabhushana Rams Car Into Couple in Bengaluru

An FIR has been filed at the Kumaraswamy traffic police station in Bengaluru, where the police have described the incident as a case of speeding and negligent driving. At approximately 9:45 pm last Saturday, Nagabhushana, known for his recent role in the movie Tagaru Palya, collided with the couple who were walking on the footpath along Vasantha Pura main road. He was driving from Uttarahalli towards Konanakunte. After colliding with the couple, the actor immediately crashed into an electric pole. Tragically, Prema, aged 48, lost her life en route to the hospital, while her husband, Krishna, aged 58, sustained injuries to his legs, head, and stomach. As per police sources, Nagabhushana personally transported the injured couple to the hospital.

Kannada Actor Nagabhushana Rams Car Into Couple

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 contains provisions that impose stringent penalties on individuals involved in hit-and-run accidents. According to Section 161 of the Motor Vehicles Act, a hit-and-run accident is defined as “an accident resulting from the use of a motor vehicle(s) whose identity cannot be determined despite reasonable efforts.” Under the Indian Penal Code (IPC), Sections 279, 304A, and 338 are applied to those responsible for hit-and-run incidents.

Section 279 pertains to reckless driving on public roads, where a driver can face imprisonment for up to 6 months, a fine of Rs 1000, or both if they drive recklessly or injure someone on the road. This offense under Section 279 is bailable and falls under the jurisdiction of the district magistrate. If a driver, not under the influence of alcohol, causes the death of a person in an accident, it is reported under Section 304A. The driver may be sentenced to imprisonment for up to one year, extendable to two years, along with a fine exceeding Rs 1000, or both. Section 304A is a non-bailable offense, and individuals can be convicted to lifetime imprisonment.

In severe cases, the police may report a hit-and-run incident under Section 302, which deals with murder charges. A driver booked under Section 302 may face the death penalty or life imprisonment. For minors involved in such cases, the act imposes a three-year jail term for the parents of the minor, in addition to substantial fines. The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, passed by Parliament and approved by the President, came into effect on September 1, 2019, introducing amended regulations and fines.

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