Kannada Actress Ramya Refuses to Apologise for Pakistan Comment

Kannada Actress Ramya Refuses to Apologise for Pakistan Comment : After touring Islamabad with a group of Parliamentarians from SAARC, this is what she had spoken as to Defence miniter’s anti-pakistan remark,


“Pakistan is not hell. People there are just like us. They treated us very well.”

After the moment, the actress turned politician has been trolled for her ‘anti-national’ statement on social accounts. Not just that even a lawsuit of sedition has been lodged against the lady.

But Ramya aka Divya Spandani refused as to apologising on any grounds for her statement. This is what the trolled actor has in the respose

“I have done nothing wrong. I am entitled to my views and that is what democracy is about,” It’s funny that people get away with murder charges and polarisation in this country.”

As she interviewed with IANS, She stated that

“Its freedom of speech, also our duty to speak on inclusiveness & peace. Curbing freedom is wrong in democracy”Politicians want to polarise and spread hatred. Just because borders separate us we shouldn’t hate others

Ramya,Ex-Congress MP also added that

Everybody is entitled to their views and that is what democracy is about,you can’t force your ideology on anyone

Recently, at an event, Fawad Khan was questioned about the diversity in Indian and Pakistani culture, Bollywood actress Richa Chaddha jumped into the way and say this ,

“I would like to answer that. Sorry I am cutting in. You know we were colonised by the British for a really long time. It’s a part of the… I am sorry if I am offending anybody here, but if you look at worldwide history every time the British left an empire they divided it. I am sorry but your question to me doesn’t make sense because I will have far more in common with Fawad because I am from the North of India than I will have with somebody who is a tambrahm or maybe Malyaali or from the North east.”

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had a perfect reply to shut him up.