#KKK Kareena Kapoor Khan Income Tax (I-T) Account Has Been Hacked

#KKK Kareena Kapoor Khan Income Tax (I-T) Account Has Been Hacked :- Kareena Kapoor, who is going to be the proud mother has recently reported a complaint with the cyber cell against the hacking of her online account used for filing her income tax (I-T) returns.


It is believed that Kareen has filed a complaint at the Mumbai Police station on Friday. According to the Bollywood actress, a hacker has hacked her online account and even paid the quarterly income tax from her account.

The cyber cell official informed media wing that ” the CA of Mrs. Kareena Kapoor Khan approached us and made a complaint regarding the hacking of her client’s IT account. According to Kareena’s CA, he released the same when he failed to access the account for some procedure.”

According to the experts of the cyber cell, the hacker might can access of Kareena’s PAN card and thus, he hacked her IT accountant from the Income Tax website.

Meanwhile, the cyber cell Police informed media wing that “hacker has also changed the password of the same account.” He further added that ” this hacking of Kareena’s IT account can be misused in a number of ways as he/she can make false taxes that will lead Kareena to pay more taxes.”

The Cyber cell police have secured the Kareena’s account and now they are looking for the culprit for the same crime.