Kareena Kapoor Khan Clears the air on her Pregnancy news

Kareena Kapoor Khan Clears the air on her Pregnancy news : Kareena Kapoor who’s the glamorous actress in the Bollywood and she’s started her career in 2000 and after getting 50 plus in the Bollywood and when she’s going to marry with Saif Ali Khan on 10 oct 2012 and at time rumours all around to the Kareena Kapoor because of media wants a good new from her side and rumors are called the Kareena Kapoor are PREGGERS .



According to the reports, there are the bit confusing for the Kareena Kapoor , where it is PREGGERS or not ,Now at time Kareena Kapoor khan are disturbing with these type of statement and getting irritated .

Also, khan family is irritated too and but everyone thing about it there are four years are competing in the upcoming October, so there is the point behind it and that why the rumors all around the world.

But at the end, Kareena Kapoor khan are frustrating with all these rumors and decided for the reply what’s the truth behind it and after that she’s decided to give the final reply for the media in an interview.

The interview with the Indian Express, Kareena Kapoor said : yes its a great remark for me because I’m a woman but there is nothing to say about it presently rumors,its No. and after in a laughing way she says that I have five children ,

so its an overall stopped for pregnancy rumors are confirm that there are no true lines of her pregnancy news and rumors.