Karnataka Assembly Election 2018 LIVE: Congress & Rahul Gandhi Attacked PM and BJP Said RSS operates NDA Govt!

Karnataka Assembly Election 2018 LIVE: Congress & Rahul Gandhi Attacked PM: – Well, you all may know that Karnataka Assembly Election is going on and both BJP and Congress are trying their hard to get much attention they can through “Dirty Politics” and accusing each other.  You all should know that the BJP demanded that the elections to the constituency must be immediately canceled and that the flat owner must be arrested. On the other hand, Congress is keeping on telling their same words against BJP. They are saying that BJP is a party which is getting played by RSS and other leading members.

Karnataka Assembly Election 2018

You all should know that both parties are trying hard to get their attention from the public as we told you above. The saffron party “enacted the drama in an apartment owned by their own leader,” the Congress met the poll body and submitted a memorandum of malpractices undertaken by the government with the help of central agencies including IT department. Overall, things aren’t looking as simple as they are both parties are trying to win this election.

Karnataka Assembly Election 2018 LIVE Updates

You all should know that Prime Minister Modi already attacked opposition during the Bangarapet rally. He even said that the people should start to bid farewell to Congress in Karnataka.  PM Modi listed out 6Cs responsible for the damaging the state and these are cultures, communalism, casteism, corruption, crime, and contract system has destroyed Karnataka.” Overall, for now, BJP chief Amit Shah will also conduct roadshows in capital city Bengaluru and Tumkur districts.


Also, we have seen that Modi shared his view towards Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s “PM in 2019 remark.” “How can someone just declare himself as the PM? This is simply nothing but arrogance. Will India accept someone immature like this?” he said. Also, we have seen so much anger and depression in PM’s eyes and we are expecting that things aren’t going to be easy for Congress. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi visited a temple ahead of his roadshow in Bengaluru.