Karnataka: Petrol and diesel prices are decreased by 2 Rs!

Karnataka: Petrol and diesel prices are decreased by 2 Rs: Well, as you all may know that the price of Petrol and Diesel are sky touching nowadays. People cannot handle the presser and other things are also going to touch the sky with the price of Petrol. Everybody is looking quite unimpressed by the Modi government and the oppositions are making this whole issue a topic or niche for the upcoming election. Overall, in between all this mess, normal people and poor people are struggling.

Karnataka: Petrol and diesel prices are decreased by 2 Rs!

Reports are coming that Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy has decreased the petrol and diesel price by Rs 2 per liter to make sure that people in Karnataka can get little help. We think that it is a great step and every state government can decrease the price by cutting of a few taxes, and in this situation, they should have done it already.

In a talk with media Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy, said, “Today, we are taking a decision that we are going to reduce Rs 2 on both petrol and diesel.” As you all may already know that the petrol price is Rs 84.74 per liter while diesel cost Rs 76.10 per liter so far in India. It is all time high and the government should be smart enough to control it, either way, middle class, and poor people are the ones who get the target with this kind of problems.

In July, JDS-Congress government had raised the cess on petrol and diesel prices in the state’s budget that had made petrol costlier by Rs 1.14 per liter and diesel by Rs 1.12 per liter .some of you may know that the Andhra Pradesh has reduced fuel prices by Rs 2 per liter, while Rajasthan has cut prices by Rs 2.5 per liter. In West Bengal, fuel prices have been redacted by Re 1.

You can say that this whole thing isn’t going to be profitable for the government because it will affect everything. The Opposition is launching a scathing attack against the Narendra Modi government, which has cited international factors for it.