Karnataka Rapes: In almost 97% cases Culprits knew Victims

Karnataka Rapes: In almost 97% cases Culprits knew Victims : Recently, a data which is released by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) has revealed that in 97.1% rape cases reported in Karnataka, the culprits knew the victims. This trend is similar across the country. In Nation wide, 95.5% rape cases survivors knowing the rapists.


Karnataka is in the 16th position with the total 589 rape cases out of the 29 states. Bengaluru alone has filed 112 cases out of 589 cases registered across the state. Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan top the chart. Madhya Pradesh registering 4,391 rape cases while Maharashtra and Rajasthan have registered 4,144 and 3,644 rape cases respectively.


In 572 rape cases out of 589 cases registered in Karnataka, offenders were known to the victims. In these cases, 13 accused were either father or brother or grand father or son, while in 24 cases were close family members. The relatives were involved in 30 cases and in 32 cases, employers or co workers committed the offence.

The known accused had promised to marry the victims in 219 cases. In 155 cases, neighbours were the accused. In 93 cases, other known persons committed the offence. The offenders were not identified by the victims only in just 17 cases.


as per the statistics – In 458 rape cases, women aged between 18 years to 30 years were victims, while women aged between 30 to 45 years were the victims in 107 rape cases.

The trend remains the same even in POCSO cases. 1,073 cases reported in Karnataka. The victims knew the offenders in 1045 cases(97.4%). In 390 cases, Neighbours were involved, while other known persons were involved in 253 cases. The victims could not identify the offenders only in 28 such cases.