Colors #KTPK Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 13th October 2016 Written Updates! Rishi warns tanuja

Colors #KTPK Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 13th October 2016 Written Updates! Rishi warns tanuja :- The last night episode of the TV series Kasam – Tere Pyaar Ki starts with Rano (Vibha Chibber) says a mother teaches her son to walk but when the mother sees her son just ditch her for the sake of a girl it actually hurts. She shares’ it with Ahana that how Rano is upset with Rishi. Rishi asked to Rano that he decided that now Tanuja will be staying in the Bedi house.


Rano tries’ to explain to Rishi that Tanuja is from the Baani’s family so she is having a greedy blood who is always keen to deceives people but Rishi asked to Rano that Tanuja is not like her family so now when she is roofless she need to be here.

Rano now thinks that Tanuja should be here as Rano thinks that if Tanuja will be here then her plan to get Rishi and Mallika married will be flop. She also asked to Ahana that she is looking for a way by which I can drive Tanuja out from the Bedi house as I think that Tanuja is having an evil plan against the family.

Now Rano asked to Ahana that I only Tanuja to stay here as Raj wants it but I can’t trust this girl who is niece of Sandy and Neha. After dinner in the Bedi house Rishi and Tanuja sees each other to have an eye lock.

Rishi and Tanuja are locked in each other thought and they just go sleep in their rooms. Mallika is not aware of it that Rishi and Tanuja are having some kind of feelings for each other and she just likes Tanuja.

Next day in the morning Mallika sees Tanuja and asked to her what dream she saw in the night. Tanuja looks puzzles and did not ask to her that she dreamt of Rishi. Mallika now asked Tanuja to come in jogging with her.

But Rano come and asked Tanuja to help her in the kitchen and she asked Mallika to go for jog with Rishi instead. Tanuja gives nod but she also thinks in the kitchen that is she is rebirth of Tanu as she is having some kind of feelings here.