Special Episode! Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 14th October 2016 Episode Written Updates

The TV series Kasam – Tere Pyaar Ki is yet to showcases that the fate plays its part and Tanuja and Rishi are brought close to one another. Rishi feels a strange connect with Tanuja, similar to that of Tanu. Is he slowly falling for Tanuja? Earlier noticing Rano putting Tanuja through some tedious task, Ahana helps her in completing them.


The last night episode of the TV series Kasam – Tere Pyaar Ki further showcases that Tanuja is starring at Rishi and Rishi asked to her why she is here in the Bedi house. Tanuja asked to him that she is here as police will be coming surely for the second time for investigations and that time she need to be here, as she need to give reply of the police questions.

But Rishi scolded her that he is aware of it that she is here with her hidden motive, Rishi also asked to her that but he won’t let her motive to come true. Rishi also feels love for Tanuja but she tries to hide it from her still his scolding style to Tanuja was too funny.

Now Rano asked Tanuja to prepare lunch as soon as possible which Tanuja just trying to do. Ahana just keep starring at Tanuja to see how hard working she is. She also unknowingly helps Tanuja in kitchen by switching off the gas as the milk was about to boiling.

Rano asked to Tanuja that she have to mixes the Masala in the Sil Batta as the Bedi family doesn’t eat food when Masala mixes in the miser grinder. Tanuja did so but in this process when her eyes were hurts Ahana herself helps her to wash her eyes.

Ahana feels something on seeing Tanuja but still she is in no mood to accept that and she also asked to Tanuja that she can prepares dinner by taking water from the tap she do not need to store in the bucket as Mummy Jee allows her to do so. Tanuja tries to speak with Ahana but Ahana just avoids her without letting her know anything.

Somehow in the night Tanuja come close to Rishi as in the dark room when she was scared to see rat just holds Rishi and they feel love for each other. When Rishi realised that he hugs Tanuja he just scolded her but also smile to know the funny reason of Tanuja to getting scared.

Rishi left the room but Tanuja is now busy thinking of Rishi and lost in his thought. Rano is on the other hand planned with Divya to drive Tanuja out from the house and Divya asked Rano that she will be helping her to throw Tanuja out from the Bedi house.

Precap: Malaika takes everyone’s attention to Rishi and Tanuja coming out of store room together. Tanuja speaks to the moon why she feels for someone who doesn’t even want to see her face is it is love Tanuja thinks she is having for Rishi.

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