Tanuja Considers it’s Miracle! Kasam 22nd September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Tanuja Considers it’s Miracle! Kasam 22nd September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- Colors TV show, popular TV series Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki is now all set to showcase Rishi and Tanu’s love saga are madly in love with each other still and they are having a common oath that they won’t be ever separated. Even they tie knot with each other with the motive that now they won’t be separated but post wedding of Rishi and Tanu, it is Tanu get killed.


Rishi is shattered after the death of his wife. But 20 years a fateful incident happened with Rishi as seems like Tanu comeback but it is actually Tanu’s reincarnation Tanuja receives Tanu’s face.

When the family asked to Tanuja on seeing Tanu’s face that where she have been for last 20 years she explains to them that she is Tanuja who received Tanu’s face and the family is shocked to know the truth. In the mean time, Rishi hears conversation between Neha and Guljeet that now Neha said that their fate support them and now Tanuja is all set to make the Bedi family fool to snatch money from them.

Meanwhile, Raj and Bee Ji asked to Tanuja how she received Tanu’s face and Tanuja narrates them the entire story that how she received Tanu’s face with the doctor’s carelessness. Raj asked to Bee Ji that she gives the photo to doctor na and Bee Ji said yes.

Then Bee Ji realised that she handover the picture of Tanu to the doctor by mistake. Tanuja asked to the family that she come here to let them know that Rishi thinks that the burning took place in the house because of me but actually it happened by mistake it did not happened because of me. The family is surprised and looks on.

Now somehow Rishi have an encounter with Tanuja and he is shocked to see that Tanuja is having Tanu’s face. Now Rishi recalled all the memories he spent with Tanu and looks on.

PRECAP: Tanuja considers it a miracle, may be its luck that intended to make her a source of smile over their faces, even if it was for a while…