Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 25th October 2016 Today Written Updates Tanuja Was Shocked!

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 25th October 2016 Today Written Updates Tanuja Was Shocked! :- COLORS TV most wondrous choice show, Kasam looks like a stunning entertaining program, which gives the high voltage potential that forces to the Kasam followers.


Kasam 25th October 2016 Written Update

The popular TV series ‘Kasam’ perfectly made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never neglecting dilemma way and swiftly the exact crux of the program is to showcase in the freshest episodes that, Raaj watches Malaika embracing some outsider outside. Inside, Tanuja was stunned to hear Raaj’s request from her to wed Rishi.

Where In the latest episode, Rishi and Tanuja move together. Honey bee ji, Raaj, and Ahana were cheerful. Rano pushes Malaika in the focal point of move floor, Tanuja was stunned to get off.

Malaika hit the dance floor with Rishi, yet his gaze remains over Tanuja. Everybody applaud their execution, Malaika races to embrace Rano. Tanuja goes to her room crying. Raaj takes after her.

Tanuja stands to watch him there, he was worried that she was crying and wiped her tears as though she was gotten. What’s it behind her tears. Tanuja makes up this is a direct result of smoke in the kitchen.

Raaj says he has been taking after her from Sangeet, she didn’t go to the kitchen; he knows well Rishi is the explanation for her crimes.

Tanuja’s couldn’t stop her tears, Raaj says she is vexed simply because Rishi is wedding another person. He would dependably hear her yes, each time she says a no.

He has seen individuals live and comprehends everything. Tanuja restricts him talk about this with anybody, it would be futile at this point. He conditions that she won’t enlighten anybody regarding specialist’s recommendation.

He doesn’t need anybody to meander around him, they have an arrangement when Rano comes calling Raaj. Also, Raaj makes up he proceeded to drink water.

Tanuja says she came to give him water. They clarify together. Raaj then asks Rano for what good reason she came here, Rano advises him that they have to welcome the visitors for the wedding.