Tanuja & Rishi Face Ruined! KTPK Kasam 5th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Tanuja & Rishi Face Ruined! KTPK Kasam 5th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- COLORS TV most popular exciting program, Kasam looks like a fabulously interesting show, which gives the enormous voltage potential that goes to the Kasam fans.


Kasam 5 September 2016 Written Update

The best TV series Kasam regularly made to give goose bumps to the viewers with its never closing dilemma manner and immediately the great crux of the show is to showcase in the brand-new episodes that, Tanuja conveys a cake to the room. It was hit by Rishi’s back, both Tanuja and Rishi’s face were ruined.

Rishi drags Tanuja to the police headquarters, he requests that the controller records a FIR against her. Tanuja clarifies she didn’t take his handbag, she clarifies that she was getting her shoe altered at the shoemaker.

Somebody hit her and the wallet tumbles off. She was running towards the man, considering this wallet to be his yet then Rishi came that this satchel was his. Rishi demands that she is making stories, and swings to clear out. Tanuja cries so anyone might hear, Rishi pivots powerlessly.

Honey bee ji comes searching for Tanuja, and feels that Tanuja should live some place adjacent. She spots the hobos and guarantees to give them 100 rupees today also in the event that they educate her regarding the young lady.

The poor person says heavenly attendants don’t come day by day, Bee ji gives another 100 rupees to the homeless person. She ponders finding the young lady and take her home, contracting her for some occupation.

She was vexed that Tanuja didn’t come back to her and petitions God for her wellbeing wherever she is.Rishi approaches Tanuja and was going to comfort her, then inquires as to why she even takes the wallet.

Tanuja demands she didn’t take. She acknowledges that he thinks of her as an inconvenience, however, she doesn’t place him stuck in an unfortunate situation intentionally.

The examiner inquires as to whether they know each other, the woman constable recommends they should be partners. Rishi calls her an inconvenience, he just came to hand a hoodlum to police. The examiner inquires as to whether she even takes the cash.

Tanuja says she didn’t. Rishi demands there is the significantly more costly thing in the satchel that cash.

Tanuja counters that might be he doesn’t know whose wallet it is, and he simply needs her to get caught.

Rishi demonstrates her his id and demonstrates to them Tanner’s photograph saying this is the most costly thing. Tanuja couldn’t see and ponders what’ vital for Rishi than his life.