Rishi Find Rano! Kasam –Tere Pyaar Ki 16th August 2016 Written Episode Updates

Rishi Find Rano! Kasam –Tere Pyaar Ki 16th August 2016 Written Episode Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Kasam – Tere Pyaar Ki begins with Tanuja holds Rishi and helps him to come towards his room to see that Ahana is coming there from downstairs. Tanuja realised that somebody is coming so she hides somewhere with him. Ahana feels somebody’s presence but she just ignored and calls Melvin to give milk to the kids.


Now Melvin bumps with Tanuja that she is holding Rishi and she asked Melvin that Rishi is drunk. Melvin asked her to go to feel that Melvin is unable to carry Rishi alone to his room so he asked Tanuja to help.

Tanuja gives the nod and carries Rishi with Melvin but when Melvin sees that Ahana is coming, Melvin asked Tanuja to leave and she just hides somewhere. Ahana feels the same connections which she used to felt in the Tanu’s presence.
Raj and Rano taunts each other and Raj asked Rano that why she bring the girls in the but Rano realised that Raj like simple girls so she consider them as the simple girl and Raj decided to have the girls. After coming in the Bedi house Tanuja feels something and flashbacks from her past life come in front of her.

She also feels something when she sees the pendant of Tanu which was kept in the Rishi’s room. She also feels something when she sees Rishi and she was actually thinking about Rishi’s face.

Vidhi asked to her how can she mix with a male and she say that just helping him. Nidhi and Vidhi asked to Tanuja that you need to complete all household chores properly unless we will complain about you to Naani.

Precap: Rishi questions Rano and Rishi about the girl who brought him inside last night. Tanuja comes to the dining hall and Rishi arrives in the store room, while Tanuja was hiding behind a wall. Her stroller touches Rishi’s face, he recognises the perfume fragrance.