Maha Episode! KTPK Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 20th August 2016 Today Written Updates

Maha Episode! KTPK Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 20th August 2016 Today Written Updates :- The show starts with Rishi was asking a driver for the key, but Driver asked Rishi to admit Tanuja or Hospital authority will file a case against him . Then, Rishi quickly went into the Hospital and asked for the admission form from the Nurse.


But Rishi, get irritated with the questions of the nurse. Meanwhile, hospital officials move Tanuja’s stretcher and Tanuja holds his hand. Rishi felt the same feeling like when Tanu used to hold his hand. Then, he thinks that why Tannu’s touch I am feeling from this girl and then, nurse remove Tanuja’s stroller from Rishi’s watch and it felt over his face.

Then, Rishi driver came there and asked him to leave. Rishi shouts on his driver for getting late for an appointment. Rishi walk toward the building and suddenly bomb blasted in that building.

On the other side, Nakul, Smily, and Ghana were fighting for remote and finally they switched a news channel, where they came to know that a bomb blast occurred in the plaza and Mr. Fernandes died, with whom Rishi was scheduled to meet.

Rano called rish’s office and they informed her that he had already left for a meeting. She started crying and the whole family started worrying about Rishi. On the other side, Rishi found himself in front of that building, Police came there and rescued him.

Meanwhile, when all the family members were crying for Rishi, suddenly he arrived there nd Nakul hugged him. The driver informed everyone that a girl saved our life as because of her we reached late in that building.

Rishi scolded him and went into his room. But, the whole family of Rishi decided to meet that girl and thank her for saving the life of Rishi. On the other side, Tanuja gains consciousness  and asked who brought her there. The nurse told her that Rishi brought her there.

Meanwhile, Rishi was thinking that this girl save my life, live the same way Tanu used to save a few years earlier. Then, he cursed why Tanuja saved his life and now, she kept me alive for dying every day.


There is promo of 21st August one hour special show.