Shocking Twist Today! Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 21st September 2016 Written Updates

Shocking Twist Today! Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 21st September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Kasam – Tere Pyaar Ki showcased that everyone in the Bedi house is overjoyed to see Tanuja, who now looks like Tanu. Before getting a chance to reveal her identity, Biji forbids her from saying anything. Earlier, Rishi arrives at Tanuja’s house to vent out his anger and overhears Neha’s daughter’s conversation, which further infuriates him.


Much before that Ahana is having teary eyes to see Tanuja who is now in Tanu’s face and Tanuja is also shocked to see that Ahana is calling her Di. She asked to Tanu that why she leaved her and go somewhere but Ahana also said that she is happy as Tanu Di is now here.

Tanuja is unable to understand anything and she is just having teary eyes. Ahana asked to Tanuja that post her death Ahana is married now and she is having 2 mischief’s children. She asked to Tanuja that please call me Moti once. Say something Di, Ahana asked.

She asked to Tanuja that still she loves chocolate and she leaving the habit of having tea as she used to drink tea with her Di. Tanuja did not say anything she only said Rishi and Ahana asked to her that Rishi is actually waiting for you.

Rishi’s love is winning today, from 20 years he is waiting for you to come and now he win over his wait. Ahana rushes to call Bee Ji and when Rano asked Tanuja to speak the truth Tanuja said that her fate is changed now. She is Tanuja, Rano is shocked. Bee Ji is happy to see Tanuja in Tanu’s face and she embraced her by calling her Tanu.

Anger Rishi on the other hand goes to Neha’s house where he lashes out at Neha’s dad and he also hears the conversations of Guljeet and Vidhi and Rishi fumes’ on anger thinking Tanuja is making some plan to seduce Nakul. He lashes out at Guljeet and asked to him that he is keen to see Tanuja and also said that he won’t let Tanuja succeed in her evil plan.

Precap: Tanuja asked that she is not Tanu, she is Tanuja who received Tanu’s face. The entire Bedi family is shocked now.