Rishi was concerned! #KTPK Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 27th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Rishi was concerned! #KTPK Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 27th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Bani calling Tanuja and gave some tips for her interview. They both were worried as if, Tannuja will not get the job, they have to loose the house.


Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 27th August 2016 Episode

Tannuja thinks how she will manage to speak so much and Tannuja prays, so she will get the job. Bani asked her to follow her instruction and she will get the job.

Then, Tannuja reaches ta the office and meet receptionist. The receptionist asked her to go with a girl. Meanwhile, Beeji went to the temple and prays for Rishi. She asked Lord to bring a bride for Rishi as Tanu can return to his life now.

On the other side, the girl took the Tanuja to the gate of the conference hall and asked her to wait. Tanuja prays to god to help her in getting the job. The door of the conference hall opens and Tanuja started apologising for bein late and when Rishi turns the face toward Tannuja then both of them were shocked to see each other. Tanuja thinks now she will have to work in Rishi’s office.

Meanwhile, Beeji put a flower on the top of the stone and told God, I will count to three and if, this flower will fall off from the stone, then I will believe that there is some other girl in the world for Rishi. But, when she opens the house after counting three, the flower was still there at its original place.

Tanuja saw Rishi and start speaking, but Rishi interrupts her in the middle and told her that he is not here for taking the interview, but he is here to meet with the owner of the company.

Rishi asked her to leave the room but, Tanuja slips and Rishi holds her. They stare and Rishi apologises to her . On the other side, Beeji asked Lord to bring back the Tannu in her life. She asked god to return Tannu for Rishi.

Tanuja went back to the receptionist and think she must get the job soon otherwise, Rano will throw her out of the house.


In the upcoming episode, Bee ji lay faint on the couch, Tanuja says she found her in the way. Rano asks Raaj what this girl is doing here. Rishi was concerned and hurried towards home, listening about Bee ji.