Rishi & Tanuja Chemistry! Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 6th September 2016 Written Updates

Rishi & Tanuja Chemistry! Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 6th September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Kasam – Tere Pyaar Ki begins with Rishi is handover Tanuja to police by saying that she tries to steal his money bag. Rishi left from the police station and Tanuja keeps saying that she did not do stealing.


Police eventually manage to catches’ the real thief and Tanuja arrive in the office. Rishi now sees Manpreet is sitting in his cabin and Rishi smiles on seeing him. Manpreet is surprised as Rishi rarely smiles and then Rishi wishes him a happy birthday.

Rishi embraced Manpreet also call him Chhothe which makes Manpreet too happy and both brothers’ have some quality time together. Next scene shows that Tanuja arrives in the office with cake and by mistake, she bumps with Rishi and she is having cake in her hands.

Tanuja reaches the office to find everyone preparing a surprise birthday party for Manpreet. However, she accidentally enters in the Rishi’s cabin instead of Manpreet. After bumping with Rishi, both Rishi and Tanuja’s face covered with cake so they can’t see each other’s face.

When Rishi screams on her she realised it is Rishi’s voice and she just runs away from the cabin. Rishi asked Radhika to send towel to him and he wipes his face to know that she was Tanuja his newly appoint secretary.

Tanuja explains the total story to Radhika and Radhika pieces of advice her to go from here as of now. Radhika said that she thinks next day Manpreet will be managed the same as it is Manpreet who appoints Tanuja.

Later, Tannuja runs away from the office and meet with Biji who requests her to be her caretaker. She also carries Biji to home as Biji feels dizzy in the road, on seeing that Raj got impressed with Tanuja. Rano doesn’t like that but she is unable to say anything to Raj as Raj likes Tanuja.

Rishi is very angry on Tanuja in the mean time and he is just screaming on Tanuja in her absences. Rishi also considers Tanuja as rustic that why she run away from the office after putting the cake on his face. Rishi is angry on her that she should seek an apology from him instead of running away from the office.

Tanuja is with Biji now and they have some quality time. Biji also requested her to be with Biji always as her caretaker as Biji likes her. Tanuja makes Biji sleep and she wonders why her fate always brings her near Rishi. Rishi decided to teach a lesson to Tanuja.

Precap: Tanuja comes across Rishi in the hall and hurried outside, but Rishi sees her and asked her to stop.