Kashmir Updates: Pakistan gets little traction globally on Kashmir issue

Kashmir Updates: Pakistan gets little traction globally on Kashmir issue: According to diplomatic sources, Pakistan has received little traction on the issue Jammu and Kashmir’s special status, for which Pakistan has earlier launched a major urging effort, mainly in Washington and the United Nations.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has sought the help of the international community for backing the cause of Kashmir, stating that the global community should try to put an end to Modi government’s use of “greater military force against” the Kashmiris.

Kashmir Updates

Islamabad is being openly asked not to use the progress in Kashmir for cross border terrorism or else the intrusion across the Line of Control, a diplomat who has been closely following the immense lobbying efforts being undertaken by Pakistan in the last few days said on Friday.

The diplomat said in a statement, “They have got very little international traction,”

India has already said that Jammu and Kashmir was an essential part of India and the matter was strictly internal to the nation.

Headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan, top of the Pakistani leadership have been calling world leaders along with its top diplomats have been meeting US lawmakers as well as senior officials in Washington and New York in order to determine their situation and telling them that it is headed for a war if there is no conciliation by them.

A spokesperson ofMinistry of External Affairs (MEA), Raveesh Kumar, on Friday said Islamabad was trying to plan out a dread situation to the international community. “It is a ploy to deflect attention…It is time for Pakistan to see the new reality and stop interfering in internal matters of India,” he said

Pakistan is being also clearly told previously that the responsibility for upholding peace and stability in the region is on them, the sources said.

“They (international community) has called upon Pakistan to ensure that they do not take steps, including cross border infiltration, that would be detrimental to peace and security,” they said. They also added their statement by saying that this is what the US and other major players are working on in order to prevent Pakistan from releasing non-state actors.

The sources also said, that Pakistani leaders along with its officials are told this message again and again, that do whatever but do not use terrorism. Pakistan is also facing a forthcoming risk of being blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force if it be unsuccessful to meet its assurance on counter-terrorism financing.

Also, the Trump administration, the officials said, is not buying the Pakistani argument that the “road to peace in Kabul goes through Kashmir” and would hold Islamabad responsible if its seen putting at risk the on-going Afghan peace discussions.