Kavita Attacks on Swara! Swaragini 5th February 2016 Written Updates

Kavita Attacks on Swara! Swaragini 5th February 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of “Swaragini” begins with Swara welcoming Maheswari family. Uttara invites them for practicing Sangeet while Sanskar also arrives there. Uttara now invites everybody and she joins Parineeta, Annapurna and Sujata who were busy giving gift, clothes and jewellery to Swara.

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Swaragini 5th February 2016 Written Updates

Urvashi says now it’s time to have the Sangeet celebration which is yet to joined by the entire family. Annapurna praises her Bahu. Sanskar talks to Swara and asked to her that whatever wrong were going on in the house the reason behind these all was Urvashi, not Janki. Swara shocked to know so.

Sanskar explain to Swara whatever happen that were all just imaginations not the real ones. Swara is on the other hand had been seen depress that everybody appear to her except Ragini which makes Swara cried.

Meanwhile, Urvashi is in some evil planning and plotting with Kavita. Kavita said yes, very soon we will close the chapter of Swara. The next scene shows that Ragini is talking with Lakshay that why soul of her mom didn’t appear in front of herself. Ragini is fishy about it that is even her mom hate her like the way everybody hate her.

Lakshay consoles Ragini and says don’t think about these all things and take care of yourself. But Ragini says that she wish to see her dead mom once even. By the way, Swara is awares of all stuffs and secret and she also know that Urvashi is the culprit. But Swara dropped the idea to exposed Urvashi for as of now, as right now Swara is busy collecting proofs against Urvashi.

Urvashi will be also in the Goradiya house till Swara’s and Sanskar’s marriage will be done. In the mean time, Lakshay now wants to marry Ragini. Lakshay announced this statement in the house and asked Ragini to ignore all bad stuffs as from now onwards everything will be happening to her for the sake of her welfare.

Lakshay also wish to marry Ragini in same mandap where Swara and Sanskar will get married and Lakshay asked the couple is they are okay with that. Swara and Sanskar approve by giving a smile to Laksahy and the entire family now showered with joy and happiness. Ragini is very happy now.