Kavya kidnaps Annapurna to escape! Swaragini 31st March 2016 Episode Written Update

The yesterday night episode of the TV series “Swaragini” started with the Tanya and Kartik is watching in the TV that the Lakshay Maheshwari has been died in the police encounter. Next day in the news paper the siblings read the same which makes Taniya so happy as she thinks it is because of the Lakshay her childhood has been ruined and now she has been ruined the Lakshay’s life.

Kavya kidnaps Annapurna to escape! Swaragini 31st March 2016 Episode Written Update

Now Kartik decides that they will be going to an another town to starts their new life but Taniya decides that she need to accomplished now her another goal which she is all set to do that. Anyway, in the Maheshari house it is everybody is crying over the Lakshay’s death. Annapurna and the Ragini has been broken down and Swara is trying to consoles them.

Mr. Durga Prasad Maheshwari, Ram Maheshwari, Adarsh Maheshwari and Sanskar Maheshwari has ben present in the scene. They all tied with the police and police is also present there. The men of the Maheshari house only come in the funeral of the Lakshay to do that. And in the mean time, a strange woman arrived there with the veil in her face in the funeral of the Lakshay.

But it is Swara holds her hands and unveil her face to find out the Kavya aka Taniya in the front of the police. And Kavya goes angry with this and get to know that the police is now aware of it that Taniya did a crime, not only she killed Kavya, it is also she did her identity swapping with the actually Kavya.

Now Taniya abuse to the Swara and said so what if the police will arrest me, I’m happy for it that Lakshay has died and my revenge is complete now. Because of him I went to the jail so today the Lakshay has been died. But all of the sudden Kavya is shocked to find that the Lakshay is alive and Laksahy now rush towards Kavya to slap her. KAvya aka Taniya is now looked on and shocked!!!