Kawach 15th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Saudamini kills panditji

Kawach 15th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Saudamini kills panditji :- The episode starts with the Rajbeer’s eerie behavior. He was possessed by an evil soul. Taking advantage of Rajbeer’s body, the evil spirit won Pari’s heart by tendering a fake apology to her and then used her for lust. Initially, Pari couldn’t recognize, but later on, she ran away from him once she got to know that it was not actual Rajbeer.


Suddenly, Rajbeer turns into Saudamani and loudly shouted that she will heavily torture Pari. The evil spirit also threatened that Pari will suffer so much with the torture that she will neither die nor be alive. Fearing for her life, Pari immediately ran to the home temple.

Exhausted Pari fell asleep at the temple itself. She woke up in the morning. When she goes out of the temple she called out her family members, and Rajbeer came near to her. Pari hugs Rajbeer. Then Pari wanted to know about Tipsy at which uncle screamed that Tipsy suffered due to Pari. So, Pari must stay away from her.

On another scene, Daadi wanted to know from Pari that what happened last night. Pari explained that the evil spirit Saudamani has come back. Dadi said that she will consult pandit jee to make sure the evil spirit goes away.

In the meanwhile, Pari took Tipsy to her room and feeds her. But Tipsy continued insisting for that same doll. Then Pari walks out of the room but she was surprised to find Ritu who was scolding her as she thought Pari was snatching away Rajbeer from her.

In another scene, Ritu continued yelling that Pari was a big headache for Rajbeer in front of him. But Rajbeer rebutted the same saying ‘shut up’ as he loved Pari immensely. Ritu wanted to know about their marriage and was saying that Rajbeer was doing all this to safeguard Shreya and it’s just a mutual understanding.

Meanwhile, Dadi and Pari went to Panditji to offer puja and get that evil spirit from Rajbeer out. Pandit Ji advised Rajbeer to stay at temple whole night.

Precap: In the upcoming episode, Panditji advice Pari that he will start Pooja. But Saudamani kills Panditji.