Kawach 1st October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Pari is pregnant

Kawach 1st October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Pari is pregnant :- The last week episode of the TV series Kawach showcased that Paridhi agrees to leave her world behind if Arhaan promises to save Rajbir. Will Arhaan have a change of heart on seeing Paridhi unhappy in his world and the fact that she can never forget Rajbir? Later, Saudamani, Manjulika, and Shakti are put in a frozen still state by Arhaan.


The horror TV series further showcased that Paridhi is busy searching Rajbir and she is busy searching him everywhere to see that he is in a cave trapped by Manjulika. Paridhi tries to make him free and she also tries to make Manjulika realised that being a Pichashini she can’t marry Rajbir.

But Manjulika asked to her that she is having a way by which she can marry Rajbir and touches him despite being a Pichashini. Paridhi tries to make him free but Manjulika is on her way to take Rajbir somewhere. Pari hit Shakti when Shakti tries to create the problem in the way of her going.

Arhaan makes Saudamani, Manjulika and Shakti weak by using his Jinn power and he also stops Saudamnai when she tries to do Jaado Tona (Black magic) on Rajbir. Still Saudamani and Manjulika unable to realised that which supernatural power is preventing them from completing their mission.

Arhaan asked Pari that he can only save Rajbir but for that, she has to come with him as he is in love with him. Initially, Pari rejected but then she realised that in order to save Rajbir she can go with Arhaan in the Jinn world as she needs Rajbir’s life and she wants to save him from Manjulika and Saudamani.

Pari asked to Arhaan he is ready to come with him in the Jinn world for the sake of Rajbir, as she wants Rajbir’s life despite for that she have to lose him. Arhaan and Pari are on their way to go to the Jinn world.

But eventually, Arhaan realised that he can’t be so selfish to separate 2 lovers and especially Rajbir and Pari as Pari is a good friend of him and he said that now he will try to save Rajbir without taking Pari with him.

Pari is happy and searches Rajbir in the cave where he is not. She is now on her way to the Bundela house thinking that Arhaan must already free Rajbir Manjulika, but in the house, she is shocked to see that Rajbir is saying to the family that he will be divorce, Pari.

Precap: Rajbeer asks Pari to get out of his life. He then holds a man’s collar and asks why he made his sister pregnant when he did not want to marry her.