Arhaan holds manjulika! Kavach/Kawach Kaali Shaktiyon Se 24th September 2016 Written Episode

The show starts with Rajveer reminisces Pari’s closeness with Arhaan and feels jealous. But, later he decided to talk with Pari for this. On the other side, Pari thinks how to calm down Rajbeer, and then she sleeps.
Manjulika came there and entered Paris’ body. Rajbeer entered Paris room to talk about Arhaan. But, Pari fought with him, and they both argues. Then, they both argues, and Pari pushes Rajbeer.



Rajbeer thinks Manjulika entered Paris’s body because she is more powerful. He sings a song, “Kabhi Koi Baat Bigad Jaye”. Manjulika thinks why he is singing this song. Rajbeer understands that Munjulika is inside Pari’s body, and he asked Manjulika to stop trouble, Pari.
Manjulika injured Rajbeer. But, Rajbeer says Pari loves him still she is hitting me. Manjulika leaves Pari’s body, and Pari falls. Next morning, Pari wakes up and get down the stairs and found Arhaan.

Arhaan told her he figured out a way to destroy Saudamini and Manjulika. Pari says let us take Rajbeer and mother moreover. Rajbeer comes and Pari was seeing his brow damage asks what transpired. He doesn’t say anything and asks how is her cerebral pain. She says it is fine now and advises him about Arhan finding a spot to crush underhanded spirits. Saudamini masked as Pari’s mother accompanies 3 of them.

Arhaan takes them to a hollow and says this is the spot where they can crush fiendish spirits. Pari asks what is unique in this place; this looks typical.Saudamini gets anxious and quietly takes offPari says how set out Manjulika is to attempt to make a break amongst her and Rajbeer, she won’t extra her.

Pari goes to Manjulika’s hollow and says in the event that she escapes her cave, she will kick the bucket today. Manjulika exhaust. Saudamini comes and says she ought to stay here, else she will bite the dust like Pari told, leaves saying she will arrange with Shakti to fall flat Pari and Arhaan’s arrangement.

Arhaan ruminates in his room. Rajbeer comes and says he needs to talk. Arhaan says on the off chance that he is seeking Pari, she is not here. Rajbeer inquires as to whether he can come in. Arhaan says it is his home, he can go where he needs. Rajbeer asks how could he have been able to he find that spot. Arhaan says his uncle is an archeoligist and demonstrated to him this spot. Rajbeer asks in what manner will bring Saudamini and Manjulika there. Arhaan says by inciting them and driving to tail him. Rajbeeer inquires as to why is he taking a chance with his life. Arhaan says he can do anything for his companion Pari and her dear ones.

Arhaan goes to Manjulika’s cavern and incites her to tail him. She takes after and takes her to sacred hollow. Rajbeer tries to enter hollow, yet Pari stops him and says Manjulika may freeze seeing him, so he ought to stay out. Shakt entes and quietly pulls lever. Manjulika leaves coral and wears back her memento. Shakti comes and says Pari’s mother educated him in regards to this. Saudamini enters and snickers that she is not Pari’s mother and takes her unique structure.