Shakti Tortures Pari! Kawach Kaali Shaktiyon Se Episode 25th September 2016 Written Updates

Shakti Tortures Pari! Kawach Kaali Shaktiyon Se Episode 25th September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Saudamni laughing and telling Pari, Rajbeer and Arhaan that you all are failed. She told them that there are only three good souls against evil men so that you will fight. Saudamani attacks Arhaan and Manjulika fights with Pari. Rajbeer takes on Shakti. They all fight. Arhaan thinks to not display his identity in front of Rajbeer.


Arhaan froze Rajbeer and started fighting with Saudamani. Rajbeer beats Rajbeer, but nothing affects him. Arhaan captured Manjulika and asked Saudamani to come in front of him to save her daughter. Saudamani appears and along with Manjulika, they beat Arhaan.

Arhaan frees Rajbeer. Pari felt in a dilemma whether to save Rajbeer and Arhaan. Then, she went to collect Arhaan. Saudamni laughs and says that Pari is keeping her daughter instead of her husband. Rajbeer got unconscious with Shakti hitting on his head.

Pari recalls Mom and she came and took Pari, Arhaan and Rajbeer along with her. Saudamani, Manjulika, and Shakti were shocked to see this. On the other side, Arhaan asked Mom why she did this as she will now lose her power for one year?

Mom says I did because I love my children, and she asked Arhaan top take care of Pari in her absence. Rajbeer wakes up and says what is this; Pari does not love me as she loves Arhaan.

Manjulika and Saudamani comes there and provokes Rajbeer against Pari. But, Rajbeer says she will rather die instead of being with them. Saudamani gets into the hus body and when Pari returned Rajbeer fights with her.

Pari understands that Sudamani is inside Rajbeer. Later, Sudamani and Manjulika took Rajbeer along with them.

Pari achieves hanuman sanctuary and calls Heera. Heera’s helper says she is thinking and can’t meet anybody, if she doesn’t trust, she can come and check.Manjulika sings back and says she needn’t bother with him in her life now. Saudamini comes as Manjulika and says she let him know that Pari sold out him. He leaves. Manjulika escapes Pari’s body and Pari tumbles down. Both Manjulika and Saudamini chuckle.

Pari awakens, retreats to sanctuary and calls Arhaan. Arhaan comes, and Pari says Saudamini and Manjulika took Rajbeer some place. Arhaan says he knows and with his forces sees Rajbeer tied in a hole. He tells area of the cavern and says if he spares Rajbeer, she needs to accompany him to his reality. She inquires as to why. Arhaan says he can’t see her affliction with Rajbeer here and him breaking her trust dependable, so he needs her to tag along with him to his reality. She says she needs to stay with Rajbeer. Pari hollers that he broke her trust as a companion, she will never accompany him and requests that he leave her life.


In the upcoming episode, Pari asks Manjulika why did she bring Rajbeer to a cave. Manjulika says she will marry Rajbeer. Shakti tortures Pari. Pari goes to Arhaan and requests help again. He says again if he saves Rajbeer, she has to come to his world with him.