Kawach 29th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Pari tries to attack jolly

Kawach 29th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Pari tries to attack jolly :- Colors TV the most interesting amazing show, Kavach looks like an exciting traditional program, which gives the continuous voltage potential that turns to the Kavach followers.


Kavach 29th October 2016 Written Update

The interesting TV series Kavach normally made to give goose bumps to the onlookers with its never false dilemma way and really the big crux of the program is to showcase in the great episodes that, Saudamini (Ashwini Kalsekar) offers sword to Jolly (Mohit Abrol). Pari (Mona Singh) says Rajbeer he is bolstered up of her, so she will abandon him. He says he needs to give one metal opportunity to their relationship. Pari tries to assault Jolly, yet he escapes and in Rajbeer’s body chuckles on Pari that she can’t do anything.

Where In the latest episode, Daadi fixes the piece. Pari sees a hanuman sanctuary before her and enters in. She then observes herself in her room before Daadi. Daadi thanks, god.

Assessor brings warrant and captures Rajbeer. Pari surges down and says she did mishap and not Rajbeer, Rabeer needed to protect her, so he had secured her a room. Auditor captures her and brings.

Rajbeer gets passionate that she spared him and assumed fault on herself. Daadi and Tipsy draw sacred swastik denote all around windows and entryways and secure house with blessed things. Jaunty goes to Pari’s cell and snickers that she will be in jail.

Pari giggles on him that he couldn’t hurt Rajbeer and now she will be out on safeguard soon. Pari’s attorney gets her safeguard and she surges home. Cheerful whines Saudamini that she if fit to no end, all their arrangement went futile and he couldn’t mischief or Pari.

She blazes entryway and says Rajbeer will turn out, then he can have his body. Pari calls Daadi and educates her not to send Rajbeer out as Saudamini and Jolly can trap and damage Rajbeer. Rajbeer sees fire and tries to go out.

Daadi stops him, however, he demands and goes out and is going to leave heavenly security when Pari keeps running in hopping over the flame and stops Rajbeer. Saudamini and Jolly smoke seeing this. Rajbeer sees Pari’s dupatta smoldering and gets concerned.

Natasha and Ritu shout she more likely than not stole away from prison. Pari says since she took the man to doctor’s facility, she recovered a safeguard and returned home. Pari goes to her room and afterward washroom to clean up. Buoyant watches from the window and watches her disrobing and showering.

Pari comes changes after the shower and leaves shower zone. She faculties some watching her. Happy covers up. Rajbeer comes in and they both get snared in a drape. A sentimental tune plays out of sight. Ritu exhaust seeing this.

Rajbeer’s uncle comes in and he additionally gets modest and exits. Pari and Rajbeer free themselves. Ritu goes and exhaust before Kabeer that Pari is taking without end Rajbeer from her. Kabeer inquires as to whether she loves Rajbeeer.

Ritu says she simply needs to have him, that’s it in a nutshell. Kabeer says then fine and says he is nourished of taking frivolous things, he needs to arrange something significant.

Carefree hears their discussion and smiles. Rajbeer asks Pari what is going on. Pari recounts to him the entire story how Arhan kept a condition that she will stroll to his reality with him in the event that he gets Rajbeer free from Saudamin’s grasp, Jolly having Rajbeer.

Rajbeeer says he can’t believe her concocted story and does not accept diminishes which he doesn’t see from his eyes.