Natasha Calls Police! Kawach 31st July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Natasha Calls Police! Kawach 31st July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night horror TV series Kawach started with Heera locks Manjulika and Saudamini in store room and applies locker. Pari asks to him how she can get rid from Manjulika and her mother Saudamani as Pari is worried that the mother daughter duo wants to kill every members of the Bundela house. Heera asked to her to get mother and daughter duo out from the Bundela house she need to do Puja and meditation in the Bundela house.

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Pari gives nod and looked on. Now Pari make sure to herself that anyhow the store room should not be open and she is also scared that after 7:00 PM Manjulika’s soul will be possessed her. When she tries to narrate the same to Rajbeer he said that he will fix camera everywhere in the house which will prove that there is no ghost at all in the Bundela house.

Parsi asked to Rajber that camera will be proved that there is ghost in the Bundela house. She asked Rajbeer to fixed camera on the monitor of computer to capture the ghost. Now when Rajbeer is about to fixed the camera light goes off.

After light goes off Pari asked Rajbeer to focus on camera and she rushes to check the fused. She also asked him to wait for her here. But eventually Rajbeer rushes to search Pari as since from long time Pari sis not comeback.

Till then power also come and then Rajbeer shocked to see that Pari is busy stabbing Jagath. Rajbeer is shocked to see so and he asked Pari. He also asked to her that how she can dare to stabbed Papa. He also announced that from now he will not live with Pari, he will divorce her.

The Bundela family is shocked that how Pari can stab Jagath, Natasha asked to the family that whatever I said about Pari that were right. Pari is still now doesn’t aware of anything as she is possessed by Manjulika. But Natasha asked to family that we need to make her arrest unless she will stabbed all of us.
Next day Pari is shocked to see that police arrive to arrest her as she stabbed Jagath and Natasha called the police, police rushes’ to arrest her but Pari screams that she did not deed anything and she is innocent.
Precap: Shakti says Pari is innocent and he is having proofed of the same.