Kawach Kaali Shaktiyon Se 16th October 2016 Written Updates Shocking Twist!

Kawach Kaali Shaktiyon Se 16th October 2016 Written Updates Shocking Twist! : The TV series Kawach – Kaali Shaktiyon Se is now keen to showcases that Paridhi’s attempt to convince her family about Rajbir being possessed fails. Kabir blames Paridhi for causing Ritu to attempt suicide and gets her arrested. Later, Paridhi has to solve Saudamini’s riddle on time to save her family. Will she be successful? Earlier, Paridhi stays in the temple as per the Pandit’s instructions and he starts the ‘puja’ to get rid of the evil spirit.


Kawach Kaali Shaktiyon Se 16th October 2016 Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series Kawach – Kaali Shaktiyon Se further showcases that Ritu asked to Rajbir that how much she loves her and she keen to be with him anyhow. Paridhi sees this and she takes Rajbir with her to explain something to him, Rajbir asked Pari that why she is jealous of Ritu but Pari says that she is not jealous of Ritu but she asked to him that now Saudamani is back to ruin the Bundela family.

Pari also asked to Rajbir that his life is in risk as Saudamani is keen to kill him so she asked to Rajbir that he have to do Puja in the Hanuman temple and till then he won’t go anywhere as to drive out the evil soul of the Saudamani Pari says that we have to complete the Puja of the temple.

Rajbir gets call from the family in the temple and he asked Pari that I need to go to the Bundela house as may be they need me but Pari did not let him go by saying that this must be a conspiracy of Saudamani to ruin the Puja.

In the mean time Ritu plan with Kabir that somehow we have to drive Pari out from the Kabir’s life. Anyway, after the Puja done now, Kabir and Pari arrives in the Bundela house to see that Ritu is injured and she is rushing to the hospital. Kabir asked to Rajbir that we call you for so many times but you did not receive phone and Ritu had too much of blood loses.

Saudamani challenged to Pari that she will be killing the entire Bundela family but Pari also challenges that she will be saving her family. Now, police somehow arrest Pari in an attempt to kill Ritu but Rajbir is unable to believe so as when Ritu as attacked Pari was with him then how she can harm Ritu to kill her.

Chacha Chachi blames Pari but Rajbir is fishy of it. Kabir asked Ritu that he makes Pari arrest as Pari tries to kill Ritu but Ritu said that Pari did not try to kill her and she is not even aware of it that who attacked her as she did not see anyone there. Dadi is anxious to see that Pari is arrested.

Rajbir thinks to sort out the issue and Pari also see Saudamani in the jail where Saudamani asked to her that now the Pichashini will be winning but Pari asked to her that she will anyhow save the Bundela family.