Shakti sees rajbeer ghosts! Kawach Kaali Shaktiyon Se 4th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Shakti sees rajbeer ghosts! Kawach Kaali Shaktiyon Se 4th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The story of “Kawach” is taking a new turn as now Saudamini had already killed many members of the Bundela family and now she thinks to kill Pari and Rajbeer. In the last episode, we had seen in this evil process of Saudamini Rajbir already get killed and she make her daughter Manjulika freed from the trapped off the ring.

Kawach Episode

Kawach 4th September 2016 Written Updates

After Rajbir’s death Manjulika actually get free from the clutches of the ring. Saudamani also asked Pari that she killed Rajbir first and then she will be killing Pari.

Pari is now broken down after Rajbir’s death and she is now shocked to see that Saudamani is yet to even harm Rajbir’s dead body which Pari doesn’t want her to do. She wishes to protect and save even Rajbir’s death body.

Pari gets worried for Rajbeer and she just takes him to the temple. Now Pari comeback and shocked to see that Natasha is in a store room tied, Natasha asked Pari that Shakti has been tied her. Pari thinks Saudamani must enter in the Shakti’s body and tied Natasha in the store room.

She now but shocked to hear that Shakti is doing planning with Saudamani to kill Rajbir. When Shakti has encounter with Pari he just captures Pari in a trunk.

Shakti then as per planning killed Rajbir by stabbing him when he was near the river to flow his mother’s ash. Rajbir got hurt and fall down. Shakti smirks.

Natasha somehow makes Pari free from the trunk. Pari get conscious and she asked to Natasha that I have to save Rajbir. She rushes to save Rajbir to see that Saudamani is trying to make Manjulika free from the ring and she shocked to see that Rajbir’s body is floating in the river.

Pari manages to bring Rajbir’s body out from the from the river and broken down in tears. She also asked Saudamani to save Rajbir. Saudamani says now I have to make my daughter Manjulika free first from the clutches’ of the ring.

Precap: Pari begs to Saudamani for Rajbir’s life. Saudamani thinks and says that it must Shakti is there to help Pari. If he is helping Pari then I have to kill Shakti first. Stay tuned for more updates of the horror TV series “Kawach”.