Bhavya reveals Pari! Kawach / Kavach 11th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Bhavya reveals Pari! Kawach / Kavach 11th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the horror TV series “Kawach – Kaali Shaktiyon Se” begins with Rajbir’s plan works as he manages to get Shakti to confess to all his crimes before the family. Earlier, Rajbir takes Hira’s help to make Saudamini and Manjulika fool, so that he can confront Shakti alone. The evil duos get weaker now.


And in the last night episode of the TV series “Kawach – Kaali Shatiyon Se” Saudamani realised that she is unable to save Shakti from Rajbir, despite their several efforts, Saudamani realised that there is something which is actually there to support Pari and Rajbeer and Rajbeer is now a ghost still she wonder why she can’t see him.

It is actually Arhaan who is a Jinn is helping Pari there against Saudamani and Manjulika’s evil force. Even when Manjulika sees that her brother Shakti is facing a threat from Rajbeer she thinks to help him but all goes in vain as she is unable to help him.

So she thinks to harm Pari doubting might she is doing something to make Shakti scared but when she tries to kill Pari she went unable to kill her, moreover she also got the push. She sees that Pari is holding a Tabeez on her hands and she realised that this Tabeez is actually there to save Pari, I need to snatch the same from her.

Now Shakti finally gets arrested for his crimes, as he also confesses his crime in the front of the Bundela family as well police. It is actually Natasha and Rajbeer jointly give him electricity shock with the help of Nitish.

It is strange for the Pichashini that even Saudamani and Manjulika received electrically shocked and they are unable to save Shakti. Pari was already aware of it that Manjulika will be save Shakti as Shakti’s sister won’t allow him to stay in jail.

And it is happened that Manjulika helps Shakti to escape from the police station. Will Shakti pose a threat to the family once again as now it is clear in the front of the family that he is not from the Bundela family?

Instead, Shakti is a son of the Pichashini Saudamani. Stay tuned for the more updates of the TV series “Kawach – Kaali Shatiyon Se”.