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Kawasaki Z650 RS 50th Anniversary Edition On Road Price In India Specs Top Speed Mileage Colors And Images

Kawasaki Z650 RS 50th Anniversary Edition On Road Price In India Specs Top Speed Mileage Colors And Images This is good news for all the bike lovers in India that the Japanese motorbike company is set to launch one of the best variants of its bikes in India with the help of the Indian subsidiary. On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary Edition of Kawasaki Z650, the company has announced the launch of the new and special edition  Z650 with a unique paint scheme. The bikes of this company are counted among the racing bikes.

Kawasaki Z650 RS 50th Anniversary Edition

Kawasaki Z650 RS 50th Anniversary Edition

Apart from the speed and other features of the bikes of this company, these bikes are well known for the look that pleases people of all age groups including children teenagers and adults in not only India but all across the world. The Z650 variant of this company is expected to be one of the most sold bikes within months of availability in the markets of India. It is to be informed that the bike is already on sale in the India Market but the unique model will be available after some days.

On Road Price In India Specs Top Speed Mileage Colors And Images

Moreover, the upcoming variant will be more expensive than the original one as there is an addition in the price for the sake of a unique paint scheme that gives a different look and commemorates the iconic Z1 motorcycle. There will be a new chrome grab rail along with the golden rims to create a retro look of this bike variant to make it different from the prior variant. The bike contains a dual-engine system that is also known as the parallel-twin engine.

Specification of Z650 Kawasaki

This is considered to be one of the fastest bikes that is because of the dual-engine system which gives it a better pickup than other bikes. It has 2 cylinders to support the power generating engine of this bike. The transmission of this variant includes 6-speed with the feature of return shift. The smartphone connectivity in this bike makes it a unique one. On the account of the advanced features of this bike, all bike lovers are curious to enjoy the ride of the upcoming variant of the Z650 Kawasaki.

Price of Z650 Kawasaki in India

The Indian subsidiary of Kawasaki has announced that the price of the newly painted variant of Z650 Kawasaki will differ from the original version of the same. The original version of this bike is already available in the market of India for Rs 5.69 lakhs. Nevertheless, the newly painted version of the Z650 Kawasaki will be worth Rs 6.24 lakhs.

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