#KejriwalInsultsHanuman : Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal got trapped after his tweet

#KejriwalInsultsHanuman : Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal got trapped after his tweet : Well, don’t know why these ministers involve region with terrorism. And if we talk about Arvind kejriwal he is not new on controversy. Delhi chief minister Arvind knows that how bad is this to involve any region or lord with anything.


Twitter is becoming trend to say anything for people they didn’t think what they saying and the latest example of this trend become controversy after Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal shared a cartoon picture on his twitter account this cartoon becomes the reason of controversy because a man like Hindu lord hanuman flying in the sky and saying to our prime minister “Done sir all attention an JNU”

Actually this picture published today on popular newspaper the Hindu and become viral after the Delhi CM shared this picture on his twitter account.

And after Arvind shared this picture that picture become viral because lots of people saying that this picture is the direct insult of “Lord Hanuman” and Hindu region. This picture becomes the latest topic to talk and everybody is talking about it. Lots of people saying that this controversy is so bad and few people tweeted against Kejriwal and said that this is so bad tweet and kejriwal should say sorry about this.

Well, in our words this is just a controversy and ministers love controversy because that shows their interest on politics. But I think they need to think that politics doesn’t allow you to insult any region because politics is not above the region, politics is not above people emotion so all these people need to cool down on their twitter account because people are so sensible now days they can understand what is wrong or right for them or for our nation.

Well like any controversy this controversy is going to fly for dome time and parties against the kejriwal is going to rise their voice.