Kelsey And Dabb Video Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit, The Fan Bus Scandal Explained!

In this article, we are going to talk about a viral video that has gathered a lot of attention over the last few days. This viral video featured Kelsey and Dabb and it creates a buzz on the internet. Kelsey and Dabb Gasm are also running in the trends of social media and many are hitting the search engien to know more about this video. Both are active users of social media and are popular as TikTokers. Many users are expressing their curiosity to know more about them. It became a topic of discussion, so we made an article and shared all the details related to this viral video.

Kelsey And Dabb Video

After coming out of this viral video, lots of scandals and rumors began circulating and this video shows Kelsey and Dabb Gasm. Both are two popular TikTok sensations and they got a chance encounter on the Fan Bus platform. It is a great platform where popular personalities can talk with each other and the users can also talk. Now, this video sparked curiosity and speculation about the nature of their interaction. This video went viral in a short time period and many have watched it. Scroll down this article and continue your reading to know more.

Kelsey And Dabb Video Goes Viral

Kelsey Lawrence is her complete name and mostly known for her social media platforms. She is a TikToker and Instagram influencer and has over 150k followers on both accounts. She shares videos of her beauty tips and tutorials and has collaborated with other content creators. Let us know about Dabb Gasm, he is an active user of social media and is popular for his comedy kind of videos. He uploads videos of his hilarious skits and pranks on TikTok and Instagram. He is also running a YouTube channel where he shares videos of his vlogs and challenges.

This viral video shows Kelsey expressing her feelings for him on the Fan Bus Platform and this platform allows fans to meet their idols on a bus. It shows the meeting of both of them. In this video, she was seen waiting while Dabb entered the bus from the back door. They met with each other warmly and she was seen nervous and excited. Then, both of them sat down and began to chat while the camera captured their reactions. It is still unclear how genuine the interaction but it is said that they were staging it for publicity. We will update you soon. Stay linked to to read more articles.

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