Kentucky Tornado Videos, More Than 70 Killed And 6 Dead In Amazon Warehouse

Kentucky Tornado Videos, More Than 70 Killed And 6 Dead In Amazon Warehouse The shocking and breaking news of the hour is that the death toll has increased which is caused by tornadoes and severe storms which hits many of the states on Friday and the early morning of Saturday in which around 70 people get killed and mostly Kentucky the worst hit. The death tools from the tornadoes are increased rapidly and the damage in the area has also been increased to the excess. The government tries their best to control the situation and to save all the lives of the people who met with the natural disaster. The natural disaster created lots of damage in the area by which many of the people lost their lives and many of the people got seriously injured and were taken to the hospital for saving themselves from the life threatening injuries. Be with our page to grasp all the updates and information about natural disasters.

Kentucky Tornado Videos, More Than 70 Killed And 6 Dead In Amazon Warehouse

The Governor of Kentucky named Andy Beshear stated on the early morning of Saturday that the death toll could conclude up surpassing 100 before the day is accomplished.  In Mayfield which is in Kentucky, there is a candle factory which got collapsed and around 110 people who worked in the factory is still inside and around 40 people got rescued from the factory till the afternoon of Saturday. The governor stated this in an official statement regarding the tornadoes and storms.

Kentucky Tornado Videos

All the officials and the rescue departments are putting their best to control the situation and to clear all the damages caused by the tornadoes and storms. Apart from Kentucky, in Tennessee, around four persons lost their lives when the persons carries a series of supposed tornadoes barreled via all the cities of the state. Also, at Memphis, the tornado smashed a nursing home which is in Monette, Arkansas results in the death of one individual while in Edwardsville which is in Illinois around six people lost their lives after the roof of an Amazon warehouse crumpled by a storm.

The tornado alerts and notices were published in nine states such as from Texas to the Great Lakes and with this storm, the power cut in all the areas has happened. President named Biden marked an emergency proclamation for Kentucky, permitting FEMA and many federal agencies to conform disaster alleviation measures over the states. Stay tuned with us for more information and updates about this.

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