Ker Puja 2019 The Religious Festival of Tripura; Pooja Vidhi Time Date Details here

Ker Puja 2019 The Religious Festival of Tripura; Pooja Vidhi Time Date Details here: Ker Puja is a festival observed in the Tripura, a state in the Northeast part of India. The celebration of this very event starts two weeks after the Kharchi Puja. It is the tribal festival held in order to worship the deity of Vastu Devata. It is believed that, in the past, the Puja took place to enhance the general well being of the people of Tripura. The Tripura Rajas started this Puja.

Ker Puja 2019

A public holiday is also observed on this day. Banks and all the government offices are closed on this day. Kera Puja Festival falls after the fortnight of Kharchi Puja. In 2019, the festival is going to be celebrated on Sunday, July 7.

During this Ker Puja, the people of the area of Tripura are not allowed to enter Agartala. the capital of Tripura as the Agartala’s entrance is closed. If anyone enters the limit of error, he is not allowed to go back from the place. This is done, so the area is protected. Also, there is a custom that people should not light fires, dance, sing, or wear shoes. If anyone by any chance break these rules, he/she is fined and the Puja starts again.

In order to prevent any mishaps in the protected area, expecting mother, elderly, sick and weak people are moved to the nearby villages.  A loud sound of bang can be heard on the day of the Puja indicating that the festivities of the ceremony had begun. During this whole time, people are expected to remain calm and prohibited from shouting or crying.

Ker is the deity, which can be considered as a devastation deity. At the start of the Puja, the preparations involved in the placing of the bamboo in a certain way that it produces sounds. The Chantias, the high priest, is the one who treated like a king on this occasion. This puja is high of great importance among the people due to their association with different aspects and beliefs.

The Ker Puja starts from 8 am to 10 am in the morning. People can not speak or laugh when the Puja starts. This Puja is made to protect the people’s interests in any misfortune, illness, and poverty. The other reason is to save people from any external violence. Obligation and sacrifice are important part of Ker Puja. Dancing and rejoicing are made by the devotees after the Puja.

Ker Puja is also one of the festivals that is funded by the government of India. In addition to Agartala and Puran Haveli, the bid is organized in almost all tribal towns until the end of the year or at the end of the harvest.