Kerala-based company gets bulk export order for 1.3 Million Female Condoms

The Kerala-based company gets the bulk export order for 1.3 Million Female Condoms : – The awareness of the sexually transmitted disease especially HIV/AIDS has marked another landmark as Kerala-based company HLL Lifecare received an order of 1.3 Millions of female condoms.


According to the report, the HLL received the order from three countries the Dominican Republic in Caribbean Islands and Gambia and Burkina Faso in Africa.

Although, this amount of order did not come to surprise to many people. According to the reports of the World Health Organisation, there is most number of HIV/ AIDS patient in all these three countries.

And, these order clearly means that the people of Dominican Republic, Gambia and Burkina Faso are now getting more attentive towards Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) .

Meanwhile, the HLL company received the order for its signature product (female Condom) for global Fund projects of Amsterdam-headquartered IDA Foundation the world’s leading not-for-profit supplier of quality and ,essential-assured medicines and medical supplies to developing countries.

RP Khandelwal who is the chairman and Managing director of the HLL informed media about this order in a recent interview. He told media wing that ” this is the very first overseas order that our company has received in the month of March and in coming time, we are expecting more bulk of orders from round the wickets.”

He also informed media wing that ” HLL’s female condoms are pre pre-qualified suppliers of IDA and only after qualifying for all the quality condition they managed to receive this bulk order.”

Meanwhile, it is also believed that HLL has the capacity to produce 25 millions of female condom in a calender year. It is not only a massive step for awareness against HIV?/AIDS but it is a huge achievement for the Indians as well because HLL is an Indian based company and it has taken India one more step ahead to be the world biggest exporting markets.