Kerala government restricts Onam celebrations during office hours

Kerala government restricts Onam celebrations during office hours :- The Indian has been the festival prone country as it is blessed with the numbers of different festivals that are celebrated by the different cast and different religious of people. And the Onam is a big festival especially in the south origins of India.


And when it comes to celebrating Onam, no other country names comes first than Kerela. Onam is celebrated in a grand way in Kerela and not only the locals of the Kerala but in fact, the numbers of the tourists went to Kerala t enjoy this festival in South part of India.

Meanwhile, the latest news is coming out that the chief minister of Kerala has ordered to not celebrate the Onam in the state-run offices and institutions during working hours.

The Kerala government has taken this initiate to avoid the problems working people went to the celebration of the Onam festivals. The Onam will begin on September 12 and now this news may disappoint most of the people of Kerala.

SM Vijayanand, the chief Minister of Kerala in a recent interaction with the media head announced that ” this year we have taken an initiative and asked the people of Kerala to celebrate the Onam festival only in the free time.”

He also included that ” We don’t want the office workers and a different company to sustain losses due to the celebration of Onam and this, we would like to request people to celebrate Onam festival in free time or on the days of Holidays.”

SM Vijayanand also asked all his department to take the proper initiate regarding this issue and asked to make sure that people will follow this order.

Meanwhile, last week SM Vijayanand posted on his facebook handle a post that stated: ” it was not appropriate and proper that Onam festivities, including laying of pooka lams (floral carpets), are held state-run institutions during office hours.”

He also asked people not Onam but other festivals must not create problems for other people. Well, he has taken a right action as there were many cases came last year, when a number of people complained about getting late due to festivals celebration at office time and even, and the patient died because of waiting in the traffic jam to reach a hospital.