Khalnayak Returns : Sanjay Dutt teams up with Subhash Ghai for his next project

Khalnayak Returns : Sanjay Dutt teams up with Subhash Ghai for his next project : WOW! Sanjay Dutt is back with his dream team, Subhash Ghai with Mukta Arts and Sanjay Dutt productions to re-build for his forthcoming project “Khalnayak Returns”, Which will be the sequel to the Khalnayak film.

Khalnayak Returns

According to the Bollywood sources; The Sanju Baba is back with his most popular role Khalnayak, Where in the past there was the lot’s of controversy and rumors around it now again started his glamorous life.

The Khalnayak fantasy partners, Subhash Ghai, and Sanjay Dutt are finally back mutually for the 90’s hits Khalnayak film’s sequel, “Khalnayak Returns”. According to an expert, Subhash Ghai’s Mukta Arts, and the Sanjay Dutt productions have joined an approval to begin the Khalnayak Returns film by the finish of this year. The lines are currently in the last stage and the film casting is started too.

Where Subhash Ghai approved, Naturally, it’s confirmed. The Mukta Arts and Sanjay Dutt Productions have produced an approval to design film Khalnayak Returns by the end of 2016.

Sanjay Dutt will perform Ballu Balram who gets outside of jail after 20 years. We are acting on the Script lines and once it’s finished, we will publish the remainder of the cast and Honor. We are watching out for a fresh director and an interesting cast.

There was news that the star Tiger Shroff would be the member of the Khalnayak Returns film, although the director shorts out this rumors and declaring, We have not confirmed Tiger Shroff in that film.

We are yet remaining to create the script and will get a note on the rest of cast when that’s finished. There is a lot of drama around the movie so we are expecting for the best chance to announce its additional improvements.

Khalnayak was a path standard and a big smash at the box office in the 90s and with so many of difficult job and drama around its sequel flick, it will definitely be being to understand who is working star in it.