Kia EV6 India Launch Confirmed, Bookings Open Check Specification Features Images

Kia EV6 is the upcoming Sports Utility Vehicle of the car manufacturing and selling company “Kia.” Kia has announced the launch of the all-electric EV6 in India. This news has brought the attention of all the SUV buyers as this car is their area of interest. As per the official announcement of Kia, the interested buyers may initiate booking for the product as they have also announced the date of the advanced booking of Kia EV6 for the Indian buyers.

kia ev6 launched in india

No sooner did the officials of Kia announce the launch of “Kia all-electric EV6” in the Indian markets than the interested people generated their interest in knowing all the features as well as the price of this Sports Utility Vehicle in the Indian market. As per the official information given by the Kia company, the booking of the EV6 vehicle will be in advance and the launch will take place after the booking of some days. The advanced booking for the EV6 Sports Utility Vehicle will be embarked on from 26th May 2022.

Kia EV6 Launched in India

The Kia EV6 has already been launched in the UK and some other European countries and the response of the buyers has been nice. As a result, Kia has planned the launch of the EV6 vehicle in India. In this article, we are likely to discuss the specifications as well as the price of the Kia EV6 so that all the readers of this article may have a general idea about it.

It will be available with battery packs with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive formats either a 58kWh or a 77.4kWh. The base EDW Kia EV6 with 58kWh battery has a WLTP certified range of around 378km. On the other side, the RWD Kis EV6 with a 77.4kWh battery can do up to 528km on a single charge. The AWD EV6 with its dual-motor setup and 77.4kWh battery has 321bhp on top, and 605Nm of torque.

Kia EV6 Specification Features

The EV6 vehicle of Kia is scheduled to be released in India. As a result, the interest buyers are looking forward to knowing the price of the vehicle so that they may buy the vehicle. The advanced booking of Kia EV6 is set to be initiated on 22nd May 2022. As soon as we know, the price of the EV6 vehicle is supposed to be around worth Rs 65 lakhs in India.

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