Kim Kardashian West laughs off butt pad Fake Rumours

Kim Kardashian West laughs off butt pad Fake Rumours : Kim Kardashian West has giggled off falsehood she uses butt pads. The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star asserts she has never needed to wear the buttock-enhancing piece but confesses to always dressing “shapewear”. Addressing on her website, she explained: “A couple of years ago, She wrapped in a pencil fitted skirt in Miami that was completely see-through. She had no thought it was SO see-through on her butt. She surely never wants that to repeat again, so now She always snuggle up in a shapewear.


“Sometimes, they have a translucent (sheer) pattern like these capris from Body Cape, so that’s actually what showing her attire in the picture at the top.

“So, the fact is: She don’t wear butt enhancers! At this point, She thinks everybody has seen my butt bare and knows She doesn’t need them, LOL! (sic)”

And the 35-year-old communications celebrity star previously confessed she splurges two hours on her beauty routine each day.

Talking about the daily process, she stated: “She thought we guys might like a little peep into her daily glam routine. She does make-up and hair for about two hours each day! It’s really a great time for her to follow up on productive emails, take some calls and see what we guys are up to on social communications.”

And Kim – who has North, three, and six-month-old Saint with her husband Kanye West – wore a full face of makeup when she gave childbirth to her eldest child.

Talking previously about her make-up course for when she went into labour, she said: “She thinks right now it’s more about contouring, like go bare skin with lighter make-up on it. She is trying to use less make-up. Her husband adores her without makeup. For her first baby, She gave birth in full make-up, but gone bare for her second.”