Renowned Author, Playwright Kiran Nagarkar, Passes Away at 77 In Mumbai

Renowned Author, Playwright Kiran Nagarkar, Passes Away at 77 In Mumbai :- A renowned novelist and playwright Kiran Nagarkar passed away on Thursday night in Mumbai at the age of 77.Mr. Nagarkar was not well since past some time. Earlier this week, he suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and was admitted to a hospital in south Mumbai where he breathed his last on Thursday night.

Kiran Nagarkar, Passes Away at 77

Nagarkar, who was born in Mumbai in 1942, published his first novel, Saat Sakkam Trechalis, in Marathi in 1974 at the age of 32. The novelist, playwright, film and drama critic, and screenwriter both in Marathi and English were one of the most significant writers of post-colonial India. Nagarkar also wrote plays, screenplays, and works for children. He worked as an academic, a journalist, a screenplay writer, and was also present in the advertising industry.

Besides seven novels in English, the latest being The Arsonist was published in 2019 and one in Marathi (subsequently translated into English). Among his most known works are ”Saat Sakkam Trechalis” (Seven Sixes Are Forty-Three) (1974), ”Ravan and Eddie” (1994) and the epic English novel ”Cuckold” (1997), for which he was honoured with the 2001 Sahitya Akademi Award.

Kiran Nagarkar, Death Reason

Mr. Nagarkar’s novel ”The Extras”, which is a sequel to ”Ravan and Eddie”, traces the adult lives of Ravan and Eddie as extras in Bollywood. It was released in late January 2012. Later completing the trilogy, Mr. Nagarkar released ”Rest in Peace: Ravan & Eddie” in 2015.

Nagarkar was honoured with the HN Apte Award for the best first novel, the renowned Sahitya Award and the Dalmia Award for the furtherance of communicative harmony through literature.

He had also received a Rockefeller grant and was awarded a scholarship by the city of Munich.

Nagarkar was one of the many personalities who were accused of harassment, during the wave of #MeToo allegations hit the country in October last year. Three women journalists on social media had accused him of making inappropriate physical contact with them. Nagarkar strongly denied the allegations.