Kirpal Singh Death Body Handover To India & Family Demanded For Post Mortem

Kirpal Singh Death Body Handover To India & Family Demanded For Post Mortem :- The mortals remains of Kirpal singh will brought back to India. 15 members from the familly of Kirpal singh met the current home minister Rajnath singh and he assured them all that his body will brought to India.


Kirpal singh was captured in Lahore jail in 1992. he cossed the Baghah border and went to Pakistan in 1992. Kirpal singh arrested after crossing the border by Pakistan government. Kirpal singh was lived in Gurdaspur in Punjab. Kirpal singh captured in jail for 20 years .

According to sources Kirpal singh found dead in Lahore’s Kothpat jail  in a mysterious condition. Another Indian prisoner Sarabjit was also kept in the same jail and he was murdered by the two Pakistani prisoner.

Kirpal singh was 50 years old. Kirpal singh found dead in the early hours  of Monday in Kot Lakhpat’s jail. The official of Kot Lokhpat jail said that first Kirpal singh’s body will sent in Jinnah hospital for postmortem. And after that it will sent to the Indian high commission after that the mortals will sent to his relatives for the last rites.

According to sources the news is coming that Kirpal singh complained of chest pain and then he was admitted to the hospital for check up and then he was he declared dead their.

Kirpal singh’s family denied from accepting the fact about his chest pain according to them the report is totally fake and and postmortem should be done again in India and the truth of his death should come out.

His family is waiting for his mortals and the mortals will be received by them in afternoon after the team of doctor perform postmortem.

May the soul of Kirpal singh rest in peace and the truth must come out after the postmortem and Indian government should arise their voice to pakistam for the proper investigation on Kirpal singh’s death.