8-Year-Old Girl Found Dead in Kolkata, After Brutally Raped & Killed Trend on Twitter #JusticeForKhushi

A piece of sad and breaking news comes straight from West Bengal where an 8-years old innocent girl was brutally raped & hacked to death in the heart and later her body was found at some mysterious place, where she laid naked with a cut head along with several cuts and marks are placed on her body. Her body was found in an abandoned building in north Kolkata’s Jorabagan and she was missing from yesterday and on the spot, she was found with a condition such as partially clothed, throat slit, teeth smashed and clumps of her hair torn with the head was cut from her body. A stranger saw her body and then he reported to the nearest police station by which the officers informed her parents and the news comes in the headlines.

Kolkata: 8-Year Old Girl Found Dead After Being Brutually Raped Twitter Trend #JusticeForKhushi

According to the reports of the police, then they pass a statement where they tell that the investigation is under process and after some investigation, they reached to a conclusion that the girl was sexually assaulted and beaten by some peoples. In addition to this, they tell that “The recovery of a blood-stained knife, four of her teeth, a clump of hair and clear signs of struggle at the murder spot showed that the girl had put up a fight before she was killed”. Also, the cops arrested three local residents for questioning and they are the main culprits which are on the suspect list. A joint team from the detective department is investigating the case and surely they will reached to a conclusion very soon.

Kolkata: 8-Year Old Girl Found Dead After Being Brutually Raped Twitter Trend #JusticeForKhushi

After the death news of the girl got viral on the internet and after seeing all the situation and circumstances, all the peoples stood up for supporting her and running a trend on Twitter with the hashtags of JusticeForKhushi and this keyword is trending in India with the number of 2. Also, all the supporters want Justice For Khushi and they started an appeal from the government of Kolkata and rises a question from Mamta Banerjee, who is the Chief Minister of Kolkata about women’s safety in the city. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates about this disgusting and dangerous crime.

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