Krishnadasi 11th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Aradhya attack aryan

Krishnadasi 11th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Aradhya attack aryan :- The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi begins to showcase that to ensure that Kumudini is not ill-treated, Aryan gives into Aradhya’s demand and becomes her slave for a day. Earlier, Aradhya locked Kumudini in a room and forbids anyone from giving her food for the next 4 days. Later, Aryan confronts Aradhya about her identity when she gives Kumudini food, contrary to her orders.


The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi further showcases that Aradhya behaves to rudely with Kumudini Ajji and she addresses Kumudini Ajji as Budiya. Aradhya who is pretending to be Maha Raani Aruna Devi announced that she is just feeling irritating to hear Aaru, Aaru, and Aaru.

She announced for Kumudini that four days she won’t either eat anything nor eat anything as she misbehaves with the Maha Raani by calling her Aaru. Sharavani gives nod. Aradhya also feels sad to misbehave with her Kumudini Ajji.

Maha Raani Aruna Devi aka Aradhya also announced that Kumudini Ajji need to be trapped but eventually she shocked to see that the Kumudini Ajji is still free and she asked to Shravani that why still not she has been trapped.

Shravani asked Aruna Devi that I was tried to trap Kumudini but Aryan did not let me did so. Aryan was also there and before Aruna Devi could say anything to him, he announced that definitely, he will be making free her Ajji from the trapped of Shravani for that neither Shravani can stop him nor Aruna Devi.

But Aruna Devi lashed out at Aryan also humiliated him for that Aryan seek an apology from Aradhya as Aradhya gives money to the Devadasi family. Now Aradhya aka Maha Raani Aruna Devi asked Aryan to bring pizza for her and Aryan did so.

In that time Aryan gives pizza to her and he also keeps his photo with Aradhya in front of her. Aradhya aka Aruna Devi tore the photo which makes Aryan believe that she is Aradhya, not Aruna Devi.

Shravani also doubts that she can be Aradhya, not Maha Raani Aruna Devi and she decided to bring out the truth of Maha Raani by using Rao family’s name.

Precap: Aradhya tries to attack Aryan with the dagger, she has a veil on her face, Aryan falls down, and removed the veil by saying Aradhya can’t kill me as she loves me still and Aaru also shocked to see that the whole Rao family is alive.