Aradhya is Shocked! Krishnadasi 13th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Aradhya is Shocked! Krishnadasi 13th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi begins with as per planned by Shravani, Inspector Damini arrives at Kumudini’s house in search of Jairaj. After a frantic lookout, Jairaj is found and handcuffed. Will justice finally prevail? Earlier, Aradhya, Pavitra, and Gayatri visit Kumudini to perform the rituals for Aryan and Shravani’s ‘Haldi’ ceremony.


In this time Kumudini just stays busy taunting Aradhya as she doesn’t like Aradhya. Bhamani goes emotionally when Pavitra asked to her about the sacrificing nature of AAru, she is always there to sacrifice her love for other people’s happiness.

And she can’t snatch anything from anyone, in spite she can handover what is belongs to her. Bhamani goes emotional on thinking the same. Pavitra smiles for Aaru. In the Haldi ceremony Aryan goes jealous to see Uday’s proximity with Aradhya.

Aryan tries to intervene by asking to Uday that don’t try to pretend that you are aware of Aradhya as you don’t know anything about her but Uday asked to him that is then you are aware of the same.

Kumudini also asked to Aradhya that she is with Uday and Shravani’s Jodi with Aryan looks awesome. Seems like these couples is made for each other, Aradhya is in no mood to marry Uday but still she is seen mute as she doesn’t want to ruin the happiness of the Rao family.

Shravani thinks that she need to keep pillow on her stomach to look like pregnant as Kumudini Ajji is there to touch her stomach constantly by saying my grandson is all set to come, when she was thinking something to see that Jairaj is there.

But eventually police arrives and she arrests Jairaj but Jairaj run away from the clutches’ of police somehow and the police inspector Damini is shocked with that. Much before that in the Rao house Aryan also fight with Jairaj.