Aryan is shocked! Krishnadasi 14th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Aryan is shocked! Krishnadasi 14th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi begins with the heartbroken Aryan arrives at Aradhya’s house and returns the Mangalsutra which he brought for her and Aradhya also remembers that she used to wear this for Aryan’s. Aryan is somehow sceptical of Shravani and he is keen to expose her.


So in the Devadasi mansion he just lashes out at Shravani and he also considers that Shravani must do some evil plan to marry him. Kumudini Ajji doesn’t like his behaviour towards Shravani and she asked Aryan that now he should be respectful with her as Shravani is all set to marry him.

Desperate to uncover Shravani’s truth, Abha Saheb gets his men to abduct Jairaj, hoping to get his queries answered. Earlier, suspecting that Shravani has connections with Jairaj, Aryan questions her. Jairaj’s goons also actually help Abha Saheb to kidnap him in order to reveal the truth as Jairaj treated his men like a dog.

Aradhya asked to Gayari something which keeps the Rao family awestruck. In the Mandir Aryan was doing Puja with Chima Jee which eventually join by Uday and Aryan doesn’t like so. Pavitra feels bad for Aradhya as Gayatri said something to her which Pavitra thinks must hurt Aradhaya.

Pavitra also scolded Aradhya for the same. Jairaj attempts to escape from the clutches of Abha Saheb. Chima Ji explains to Uday that he should not mind the words of Aryan. He also explains everything to Aryan.

Aryan has an encounter with Aradhay which left both of them emotional and Shravani turn to be jealous. She is also worried that Bhamani Ajji should not know the real motive of her unless she will be also going against of her. Bhamani feels pity for Aradhya and she prayed to god that Aradhya should begin a new life with Uday happily.