Uday gets shocked! Krishnadasi 15th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Uday gets shocked! Krishnadasi 15th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi begins with Pavitra and Bhamani discussed to Shravani that how important for a woman to have her ‘Mangalsutra’, as ‘Mangalsutra’ is not an ornament it is actually a tie which keeps a husband and a wife connected with each other.


Shravani thinks that I need to have the same ‘Mangalsutra’ which belongs to Aradhya as if I take it from her then I would be a winner, apart from Aryan’s wife I need to be the winner too. Jairaj meanwhile manages to run away from the clutches of Abha Saheb.

But eventually he failed in the attempt to escape is foiled; Jairaj has no other option, but to expose Shravani’s ugly truth before Abhasaheb.

Earlier, Aradhya refuses to give her ‘Mangalsutra’ to Shravani, infuriating her. Later, Kumudini taunts Bhamini and demands that she get Aradhya to give away her ‘Mangalsutra’, but she refuses.

Much before that Shravani asked to Aradhya that you need to hand over the ‘Mangalsutra’ to me which was belongs to you as now I will be tie knot with Aryan, so everything belongs to him will be mine.

Aradhya denies to hand over the ‘Mangalsutra’ to her, so Shravani brings her crocodile tears in her eyes and asked to her that she is pregnant with Aryan’s baby so she should have the ‘Mangalsutra’.

Aradhya asked to Shravani that she is in no mood to hand over her ‘Mangalsutra’ to her as this ‘Mangalsutra’ is Abshagun (Inauspicious) but Shravani is keen to have the same.

Kumudini also alleged on Aradhya that she is still in love with Aryan that is why she refused to hand over the ‘Mangalsutra’ to her. Bhamani prayed for both Aradhya and Shravani in the Mandir (Temple).

In the mean time, since Jairaj runs away from the trapped of Abha Saheb, he reveals the reality of Shravani that she is here in the Krishnavati to have property and even she is keen to marry Aryan for this same purpose. Bhamani is shocked to know the truth.

Precap: Aradhya asked to Shravani that being her elder sister she can do anything for her. Shravani asked her to marry Uday, Aradhya is shocked.