Raj is poisoned! Krishnadasi 16th August 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Raj is poisoned! Krishnadasi 16th August 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi starts with Raj is anxious and he has been caught by police. He asked to himself that he should not keep any proofs now by which police can catch her. When Kumudini asked Aryan that he have to choose between Aradhya and Ajji as when she sees that Aradhya and Aryan are together she threatened them that she will burn herself.

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Krishnadasi 16th August 2016 Written Updates

Somehow Aradhya and Aryan manage to save their Ajji and Ajji also warned them to stay apart. Now Ajji asked to Shravani to have Aryan on her catch as soon as possible as she doesn’t Arayn to be with Aradhya, now Aryan call Aradhya somewhere with a romantic motive.

Now Aradhya comes in a room where she sees Aryan and goes gaga to see the decorations which Aryan did. She became too happy to see the decorations in the room with flowers and balloons.

She sees Aryan there welcome her with open hands were Aradhya rushes to meet him. She holds Aryan and Aryan hold Aradhya, Aryan says that nobody can separate her from him and he says that he will follow Ajji.

Now Aryan tries to kiss Aradhya but Aradhya moves on. Aryan gives her bangles now. Pavitra calls Aradhya and denied her from meeting Aryan. Aradhya sees somehow Bhramani’s photo in Aaba Saheb’s room and she asked him who is he to know that she is most beautiful Krishnadaasi ever.

Kumudini asked to Shravani that anyhow you have to befriend with Aryan as I want to separate Aradhya for ever from his life anyway.

Precap: Food is being cooked on the large scale for whole Krishnavati for Bhamini’s Sharad. Raj enters the venue and announced that now Aradhya will be realised that she did a big mistake by messing up with me.

I will teach her lesson and she mixes something in the food. Shravani brings same food which Raj poisoned and gives to Aryan; Aryan is all set to eat the same.