Shravani & Aryan in mandir! Krishnadasi 19th August 2016 Written Updates

Shravani & Aryan in mandir! Krishnadasi 19th August 2016 Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi, it has been shown that Pavitra, Aradhya, and Gayatri are busy serving food to the villagers as it is the Shraddha ceremony of their house. The villagers praised the food now the Rao family see that an old woman arrives and Aradhya became sceptical to see the old woman.

Krishnadasi Written Updates

Krishnadasi Written Updates

Krishnadasi Written Episode Updates

Pavitra and Sashwat also think the same.

Now Shravani serves Prasad to Aryan and asked him to eat the same in front of her as Ajji asked her so. Aryan gives the nod and started eating the food to feel dizzy and eventually he goes unconscious.

When Aryan goes faint Shravani smiles and said that he actually went unconscious as it is actually she mixes medicine in the food to make him faint. As it is her trick which she will use to separate Aryan and Aradhya forever.

Somehow Jairaj seen worried that still why the villagers did not die as he mixes poisoned in the food. And David catches him speaking so he tries to catch Jairaj but fail to catch him. He informed it to Aradhya that she needs to stop the villagers from eating the food as Jairaj mixed poisoned on it.

Aradhya stops them. But still Sashwat, Abba Saheb, and Pavitra are not aware of it that it is done by Sashwat and they doubt on Kumudini that the Devadasi wish to ruin the Rao family images. So now Abba decided to teach the lesson to the Devadasi.

So he rushes to the Devadasi mansion where he asked to Kumudini that is she mixes poisoned on the Prasad and Kumudini turn shocked and rushes to the Aryan’s room.

Everybody keeps asking Aryan to open the door but no response is coming from the Aryan’s room. Kumudini became anxious and she asked the Rao family that if anything happens with my grandson I won’t leave you.

Shravani removed her clothes and cover her with a comfort, she also sits beside Aryan and started crying. After a while, Aryan wake up and open the door to see the whole family.

Everybody shocked to see that Aryan is having lipstick on her chest and cheek. Shravani is cover with comfort and sitting on the Aryan’s bed and she is also crying. Kumudini smirks and it seems like that Aryan had sex with Shravani last night.

Aradhya is shocked with teary eyes and leave from there with her family.

Precap: Aaba slaps Aryan hard, he turns and sees Shravani on the bed covered with comforter and crying, he shocked. He turns to Aradhya and says I can’t remember anything.

He also went to the Aradhya’s house and she just closed the door on seeing him. She also started crying by sitting beside the door and Aryan screams from the outside of the room that I always belong to you and I will be always yours.

Both of them broken down in tears and looked on sadly.