Aradhya shoots raj on chest! Krishnadasi 19th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Aradhya shoots raj on chest! Krishnadasi 19th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi showcased that much to everyone’s dismay, Aradhya gets married to Uday. Aryan is heartbroken when he sees Aradhya sign the marriage certificate. However, is all of this for real or does Aradhya have a hidden motive behind doing so? Earlier, Abhasaheb’s attempt to use Jairaj to expose Shravani fails, when Bhamini informs Shravani about his plan.


Much before that the episode of the TV series Krishnadasi further shows that Jairaj arrived in the Rao mansion in the Nautanki Waali get up and he sits beside Shravani and keeps threatened her that he will reveal her.

Shravani became scared with that and asked to Kumudini Ajji that she is feeling unwell because of her pregnancy so she said that I will be applied Mahendi on my hands by taking rest in my room. Kumudini gives the nod and Shravani went to her room with Jairaj.

In the mean time, Abhasaheb said to Bhamani that Shravani is a big liar and both of them Abhasaheb and Bhamani follow her to see that Shravani is with Jairaj but still Bhamani asked to Abhasaheb that you said lie as Sharavani is honest and she is the just victim of Jairaj.

Aryan holds Aradhya’s house when the guest was saying that it is Aradhya’s wedding with Uday so she also needs to apply Mahendi on her hands. Aryan applies Mahendi on Aradhya’s hands and asked her that if she is really getting married to Uday. Aradhya said to him, yes and she also said to him that we need to marry the person who loves us.

And Shravani loves you a lot so you need to marry her. Meanwhile, the advocate brings the wedding certificate where both Aradhya and Uday sign to get married. Aryan is broken down to see Aradhya is getting married to Uday.

Aradhya pledges to Uday that this is acting for us to pretend like a married couple. She asked Uday that please continue the drama till I won’t tell you to reveal the truth.

Pavitra is too anxious to see that Aradhya is wedded to Uday and she also scolded Aradhya for the same. She asked to Aradhya that Abhasaheb will be annoyed to see that you tie the knot with Uday.

But Aradhya said that I tied the knot with Uday and I know it is truth Abhasaheb will also accept this truth anyway. Aradhya went to her room where she broken down in tears and Aryan also broken down in tears in his own room. Aryan thinks about Aradhya promised that she said that she will be always with him forever.

Precap: Raj is grabbing Shravani by the neck, Aradhya asks Raj to leave but Raj strangles Shravani, Aradhya shoots him on the chest. Damini comes and says sorry Aradhya but we have to arrest you.

Aradhya said to Aryan that if you ever love me then marries Shravani and then I will also live a peaceful life in jail.